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Our Mission

To provide excellent coffee that impacts our community and world

In today’s world every dollar you spend makes a difference. We know that even something as simple as buying coffee should help make an impact that you believe in. With Ambassadors every cup of coffee you drink, makes an impact. We want you to be able to wake up every morning with a great cup of delicious coffee and a smile on your face, because of the difference you know your coffee makes. Our mission coincides with the values we stand behind.

Our Values

Love & Serve Others
In John 15:12, Jesus calls us to love one another, as he did. We believe that means that with every action, every word, and every dollar we should try to love others when we can. That is why every purchase you make gives a love offering to a non-profit.
Inspire Generosity
In Acts 20:35, it shows the importance of being generous. Jesus told us, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” We strive to not only help give people an opportunity to be generous, but also inspire others to be generous in all areas of their lives. We believe in the blessing that follows generosity and want that for everyone.
Have Fun & Enjoy Life
In John 16:33, we know that nothing shall hurt us for Jesus has overcome the World. It is easy to fall into worry and fear in today’s World, but we believe God has called all of us into a life of joy and enjoyment. So sit down and drink a cup of coffee, today is gonna be a great day.

Our Process

1. You Purchase
Excellent Coffee

Our process starts with providing you an amazing cup of coffee that you’ll love. With a variety of flavors we know you’ll find one or a few flavors to call your own.

2. We donate to the connected non-profit

As soon as you purchase something here at Ambassadors Coffee we donate a part of the profit to the non-profit associated with
your product. You can check out a list of non-profits we support and which one your favorite coffee is connected to below!

3. Your Coffee is Delivered and Ready to Enjoy

Your coffee is delivered within a week of ordering and you can smell it’s beautiful Aroma the second you bring it into your house. Now your coffee is ready to be brewed and enjoyed by you and loved ones that you like enough to share a delicious cup of coffee with.