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About Nissi Nation

About Nissi Nation

About Nissi Nation

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Nissi Nation is an online prayer ministry with a passion for intercessory prayer.  Nissi Nation believes that through prayer, lives and nations are changed for the glory of God. Their prayer ministry aims to provide a loving environment for women to walk alongside each other during triumphs and trials. Each morning they seek the will of God for one another and our nation. 


God is raising up unknown leaders within the body of Christ.  There has been a fierce battle that watchmen, prophets, and apostles have had to live through that is distinctly different than the “normal” human journey.  Nissi Nation believes that these men and women have been crushed to release the greatest anointing that has ever been released on the earth. Nissi Nation exists to come alongside, equip, and strengthen them by sharing their stories and God-given revelations.


  • Everyday we pray together and intercede for God’s leaders in each mountain of influence
  • We share what God is up to in each mountain of influence
  • We do life we watchmen, apostles, and prophets
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