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About Casa Del Águila

About Casa Del Águila

About Casa Del Águila

Partnered with Peru and Peru Decaf

Casa Del Águila is a non-profit located in the Limatambo District of Peru. With the help of God they strive to be an organization strong in values, principles and to be the most reliable team in Latin America regarding work with children, adolescents, youth and adults. They have established a strong presence in their region and have been able to bless people of all ages. Casa Del Águila has a highly trained and motivated staff in the organization, that works everyday to show God's love to those around them. 


Casa Del Águila's mission is to satisfy and solve the existential and Spiritual needs of children and adolescents in the communities of the region.Casa Del Águila has self-sustaining projects in the production, marketing and service of high quality Tourism. Working in an environment that motivates and develops its staff within a continuous improvement approach, respecting the environment in harmony with the communities in which it operates and ensuring sustainability of its social projects. 


  • Impacting everyone in the community no matter who they are.
  • Complete social projects in areas such as missions, education, health, home, tourism and production.
  • To provide an example of strong values and principles 
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