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About AGORA Ministries

About AGORA Ministries

About AGORA Ministries

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AGORA Ministries is an inner-city ministry located in San Antonio, Texas. AGORA has been growing in San Antonio for over 30 years, and now works to impact the inner-city through multiple ministries. The zip code AGORA is in has the lowest income, lowest fed, and highest violent crime rate in America. AGORA's most prominent ministries are its food pantry, kids and youth ministries, education programs, and women's ministries. 


From it’s inception AGORA Ministries has been and still is an outreach organization. AGORA Ministries partners with local and nationwide churches and organization to see life change in the inner-city of San Antonio. AGORA is not a church but a mission center.

Through weekly programs like our AGORA Kids, Revolution Youth, Hope Pantry, Women’s Ministry, mentoring, tutoring, and youth programs we share the love of Christ and reach families in the Westside. We also partner and extend our mission through seasonal events and missions trips. Through our seasonal events and missions trips we paint over graffiti, clear our local parks, clear lots, paint homes of widows and single moms in our community and work with homeless.


AGORA exists to share the love and hope of Christ in high need areas. AGORA will accomplish this by encouraging, empowering, educating, and mentoring “at risk” students and families in our area.

  • Encourage: Through the love of Christ expressed through our staff and volunteers we will encourage our students and families to success.
  • Empower: Through inspiration and training we will give our students and families the tools they need for success.
  • Educate: We will help our students reach academic success through our education programs, tutoring, and constant encouraging to succeed academically.
  • Mentor: Through a strong intentional adult-student relationship our students will be led to new heights.
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